Neeve Brookes Ltd was formed in 2005 with the intention of supporting early stage companies in Scotland during the commercialisation process. Its founder has over twenty two years of successful senior management experience focussed on the sales and marketing of a broad range of products in the scientific arena including both instrumentation and consumables in markets both at home and abroad. For a detailed overview of our experience click here.

At Neeve Brookes we believe its successful experience that counts and not theory. Indeed there are many people who can ‘talk to the talk’ but cannot ‘walk the walk’. That’s why direct employees of our company and any associates will come to you with a long history of relevant success. You can be assured that you are being advised by some of the best qualified people in the business today.

There is one further very important reason why you should contact Neeve Brookes to discuss your business needs and that is our passion about Scotland and our determination to make a difference. Lack of opportunities for commercial people in Scotland is due to the relative lack of commercial success in Scotland. Success breeds success and we want to do what we can to ensure that more local companies in the Life Sciences and Analytical instrument businesses succeed commercially.

It is expected that the services we offer will evolve as your needs change but whatever we do will be directed at helping you to be more successful and sooner.

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