Neeve Brookes Ltd will initially provide input through:
Direct influence through part time management and non executive
directorships. Click here to contact us or email our details to a friend who
may be interested in talking to us.

Tailored training courses. We offer in house, open and mentoring programmes
which seek to effectively communicate directly relevant information to you.
To see our list of forthcoming seminars and training programmes click here.
Directed to Seminars/workshops.

Assistance with business planning. Click here to contact us.
Assistance with due diligence. Click here to contact us.

And in future:

Formation of a shared sales team as a resource for early stage companies
allowing economical access to top sales professionals. This will follow a
non standard distribution model and will allow participants the opportunity
to demonstrate sales as a means of supporting invitations for further
funding. Please click here to contact us.

Through providing a bridge to investors outside of Scotland such as in the

Download Graham Miller's CV here (Managing Director). This file is in PDF format.

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